Monday, May 28, 2001

Sometimes I wonder if it is better to be an observer of life than to live it. Perhaps if you remain quiet and make no real contribution to life, you will just fade away into the whole of humanity. But, sooner or later, someone will come along that will make you want to come back into life. That someone that you have always wondered if you'd meet. You'll come back to live your life with that person...But what if there are barriers that cannot be overcome?

I do think that Love is a thing. True, it is not tangible, it cannot be smelled or tasted or seen but it can be felt. Through our brains runs a course due to one day end with someone else. It is almost scary, the dependence we have upon each other. The people who have totally shut themselves off from reality are the people who deserve our pity. However, I have none to give them.

Sometimes it is as though life has a sense of humor; that it is some person sitting on a chair above all of us, someone who looks down upon us and directs our moves. If it is to be believed that there is such a thing, than one would conclude that the person we think and know as our life is our God.

I think it is unfair, however, to think of ourselves as mere pawns on a chess board that the Almighty controls. I think that some aspects of our lives are controlled by ourselves; that the Lord gives us choices in everything that we do, and it is from those choices that we live our lives. If we make the wrong choices we blame everyone but ourselves, but if we make the right choices, we feel as though we need no one. That is true arrogance at it's best.